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How To Save Crores From Awful Sports Outfields


How To Save Crores From Awful Sports Outfields… Learn More

KSCA Unveils Rs 4.5 Crore Next-Gen Cricket Outfield


BENGALURU: In a first, the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) today unveiled Rs 4.5 crore-valued next-generation subsurface aeration and vacuum-powered drainage system at Chinnaswamy Stadium…Learn More

Historic: Bengaluru’s M Chinnaswamy Stadium Gets Next-Generation Outfield To Fight Rain Delays

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Bengaluru’s M Chinnaswamy Stadium has become the first cricket stadium in the world to have a next-generation subsurface aeration and vacuum-powered drainage system…Learn More

TurfBreeze Fans Create an Air of Confidence at Wembley Stadium


TurfBreeze Fans Create an Air of Confidence at Wembley Stadium

The installation of eight TurfBreeze fans at Wembley has allowed FA Head of Grounds and Estates, Alan Ferguson, to seize control of the stadium’s micro-climate and reduce the risk of turf disease by almost 58%…Learn More

Philadelphia Phillies SubAir® – Sports System Install

Recently, Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia has installed a new SubAir® Sports System. This stadium, famous for being the home of the Philadelphia Phillies, is now easier to maintain because of the enhanced subsoil aeration, moisture, and temperature moderation controls that SubAir® provides. 

Philadelphia Phillies

SubAir® Sports System

In the Citizens Bank Park, this system is located under the right field stands. If subsoil conditions reach levels that could damage the root zone, the system automatically responds to restore customized oxygen, moisture and temperature levels. The system not only maintains the soil, but it also allows the turf team to respond to soil conditions that change with the season to ensure that the playing surface is safe is consistent. The SubAir® system integrates new kinds of technology that work together to maintain the turf of a sports field. One of these new technologies, TurfWatch™ Technology, digitally links subsoil monitoring and the operations center. Another SubAir® System in use at this stadium are the in-ground wireless soil sensors known as Soil Scout® that alert the turf team of soil conditions, making it easier for them to make choices regarding the subsoil environment’s health. Lastly, added sensors from Soil Scout® lie beneath the surface of the soil in places like the outfield, the warning track, and the home plate that send messages to the turf management team that relay important soil information like the subsoil moisture content, temperature, and salinity. 

SubAir Systems in Graniteville, SC

SubAir is the leader in air flow technology. The SubAir facility, located in Graniteville South Carolina, houses their administrative offices, engineering, production, shipping, and sales which allows the SubAir team to provide personal service from planning to delivery. SubAir Systems is committed to providing innovative technology and premium service to meet the demands of today’s green industry and improve surface aeration of any turf or green you have. If you have any questions or would like to contact someone from our team, please call us at (866) 641-6663 or contact us online