The SubAir Systems aeration and moisture removal system promotes healthier, stronger playing surfaces through moisture content management, subsurface aeration, and root zone temperature control. As a result, SubAir helps provide an optimal growing environment for any playing surface – increasing playability and producing a more enjoyable experience for players and spectators alike.

SubAir Sport Features

SubAir Sport is automated based on data received from the field through the AirWave monitoring and control system. AirWave collects the salinity, moisture, and temperature of the soil and reports it via wireless sensors placed at critical positions within the soil profile throughout the field. This data prompts the SubAir Sport to perform according to the levels and parameters set by the turf manager. All operations of the SubAir Sport are fully automated and accessible through any internet connection or wireless device.

“The ability to control the environment is obviously a key defense in battling disease and pest issues, and my SubAir system makes this possible. In three years at BMO Field there has not been a need for the use of pesticides, partly attribute that to the SubAir system. With more and more regulations being places on the use of pesticides, SubAir seems likely to be one key to success in the future of professional turfgrass.”

Robert Heggie, Head Groundskeeper, BMO Field and The KIA Training Grounds Academy Toronto Football Club

“If I did not have SubAir it would have been much more challenging because I would not have been able to monitor the exact moisture content in the soil and instead would have had to do more guessing.”

Hans Niska, Director of Facility Management, Rio Tinto Stadium, REAL Salt Lake