Perform a bi-annual inspection of your SubAir units in the spring and fall. If this is done on a regular basis, you may find that it can reduce the cost of maintaining your SubAir. Scheduled inspections can protect your SubAir investment by identifying a small problem that may result in a major problem in the future.

SubAir Vault

Run SubAir’s 20 minutes per month to ensure the motor runs properly and to lubricate the bearings inside the motor. Remove the vault inspection port cover and examine the inside of the vault. Check the sump pump operation. Make sure the sump pump is attached securely at the base and top Fernco. Make sure the float switch moves freely. Make sure the actuator moves the diverter paddle from vacuum to pressure and returns to the fail safe position. Clean any debris from the exhaust/intake.

SubAir Service and Support Packages provide certainty that your SubAir units are in top operating condition year round.

SubAir Control Panels

Remove all spider webs, leaves, and other debris that has accumulated over the year. Clean the face plate with mild cleanser. Check the test light to make sure it is working properly. Add a little granular insecticide to the bottom of your panel to keep the critters out. Check all the 2 amp fuse indicators. Check the weather stripping seal.