Developed to provide airflow on the surface of golf course greens, TurfBreeze
is the most respected name in surface aeration.

#1 Turf Fan in the Industry

Advantages of TurfBreeze™ Fan Operation:

  • Benefits warm and cool season grasses
  • Surface air circulation promotes an overall healthier turf
  • Control excess surface moisture from rain, dew or frost
  • Improve quality of shaded grasses
  • Quiet Operation
  • Economical and convenient way to provide surface aeration

50″ Premium


Direct Drive


Exclusive Features of TurfBreeze Fans

Inlet Bell Technology – Engineered and Performance Tested Design of the bell design
allows air to flow through the bell is increased airflow efficiency. The Inlet Bell
design reduces energy use and reduces fan sound for quiet operation.

Optimized Blade Position – Blades are position to deliver maximum air throw with
sufficient velocity at the furthest point from the fan to benefit the grass. The blade
positions are key to minimizing fan operation sound.

SSP Blade™ – Designed, manufactured and tested to create optimal balance of shape, speed and pitch. The blade design increases airflow, reduces noise generation and electrical power use. No blade adjustment ever required for TurfBreeze SSP Blades™.

SMART Controls – The power and operation control allows remote or manual command of your fans. Fan operation integrates with irrigation signals to easily adjust to changing irrigation schedules or other environment conditions. Personal and equipment protection is enhanced with electronic starter contact and an over-load protection circuit and manual start/stop switch.