Control Panel





Control Panel
Each SubAir System has its own control panel located within 125’ of the SubAir vault. The SubAir control panel looks like an irrigation satellite and can be hidden from view. The golf course will supply the power to the SubAir control panel and the wire that connects the SubAir control panel to the SubAir vault is provided by SubAir. Each SubAir control panel is programmed to operate automatically for daily soil aeration.
The SubAir System provides fresh air into the soil profile at regularly scheduled intervals that are preprogrammed by SubAir, but are also easily adjustable by the user. The SubAir can provide air into the soil profile by moving air from the top down (Vacuum mode) or from the bottom up (pressure mode). The SubAir control panel is equipped with an ambient air temperature sensor and it will choose vacuum or pressure mode based on ambient air temperature and grass species.
Moisture Content Management
The SubAir System can expedite the removal of excess moisture in the soil when operated in the vacuum mode. This function can be activated manually from the key switch in the control panel. The user can also choose to have soil sensors that will detect the moisture in the soil and the sensors will automatically activate the SubAir.
moisture-content-management two-modes soil-temperature
Soil Temperature
The SubAir System can also provide temperature moderation in the soil. Using both the ambient air temperature and the geothermal properties in the soil, SubAir can moderate the soil temperature 7°F to 10°F. There are several methods of operation that can be utilized to achieve the temperature moderation. For greater temperature control, SubAir offers an undersoil Hydronic heating and cooling system.
subair-unit subair-unit subair-unit
SubAir Unit
General Overview
The SubAir System is typically located within 150’ of the green and can be attached to an existing drainage system or installed during greens construction. SubAir offers both a Below Ground system and an Above Ground system. Both systems operate the same way, the only difference is where they are located.
Aeration / Moisture
All SubAir Systems offer both aeration and moisture control modes. Both modes are operated with a single blower and controlled through our patented air flow diverter valve. Both modes can be operated manually through the SubAir control panel. Both modes can also be controlled remotely through the SubAir TurfWatch monitoring and control system.