For grass plants to thrive they need certain conditions. An optimum growing environment consists of the proper amount of sun, proper air/water ratios and proper soil temperatures. The Hydronics system can provide heating or cooling to maintain ideal root zone temperatures by pumping warm or cool fluid from the holding tank to the green via a supply pipe. The fluid circulates under the root zone of the green through a network of flexible tubing. The working fluid is then returned to the holding tank. SubAir’s Hydronics system is designed to condition and maintain ideal root zone temperatures during warm and cool season operation.

Using the Hydronics system along with SubAir will create an air flow through the root zone to evenly distribute the heating or cooling effects of the Hydronic tubing. This even treatment of the playing surface eliminates hot and cold spots in the soil.

Greens at Heasley Nine Bridges Golf Club, S. Korea with SubAir Hydronics and SubAir in operation.

The Hydronics turf temperature control system consists of several important pieces of equipment – a boiler, chiller, chiller pump, green pump, holding tank, temperature and pressure instrumentation, and control enclosure. Each system is skid mounted with tank, controls, and pump on one skid and the chiller and chiller pump on another. The skid mounted Hydronics assembly is housed away from the green in a building aesthetically pleasing to the surroundings of the golf course.