Our portable, affordable and innovative air solutions will help you blow the competition away.

TurfBreeze Golf fans generate all-important air movement…an essential component of a healthy golf course.

Your greens will thank you for it!

  • You spend so much time, energy and money on your greens. Can you really afford not to take advantage of TurfBreeze Golf fans?

Top Three Reasons

#1 Your greens hate excessive heat way more than your golfers do. After all, they can’t take advantage of your beautiful air-conditioned clubhouse before and after a long, enjoyable round. Greens consistently get pounded by sun and heat.


#2 When a green’s subsoil temperature reaches high levels, the quality of the putting surface diminishes while player frustration increases. Why? Because excessive heat actually shrinks the roots of the putting surface. That’s a major concern for you and the folks yielding their putters.


#3 Easy-to-position and even easier to operate, the use of industry-leading TurfBreeze Golf fans can lower the surface temperature of grass up to 10 degrees. In turn, that can lower the soil temperature approximately 4 to 6 degrees. That can make a remarkable difference you simply cant afford to ignore.

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Turfbreeze Testimonial

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SubAir Football
Dan Shemesh, Director of Grounds – Red Bull Arena

“My expectations were met from the fans. We have been able to move around more air than we did in the past and the overall turf quality shows…”   Read More

SubAir Systems Mike Kroeze
Mike Kroeze Kings River Golf & Country Club

“The 2 fans we purchased were a life saver.  These 2 particular greens have really made a strong turnaround in less than 30 days.  Thanks for getting them out to us so promptly again…”   Read More

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