The Most Technologically Advanced

Heat System In The Industry


  • Create the longest window of turf growth and control sub-surface conditions against temperature extremes with Hydronics by SubAir  
  • Raise field temperature by 23° to 28°
  • Automated Response to Real Time Data from In-Ground Sensors   
  • The Most Technologically Advanced Heating System In The Industry
  • Maximize quality and playing performance of turf
  • Automated Live Response  to Field Conditions
SubAir TurfWatch Control Hydronic Heating
SubAir Sport Hydronics


  • Our patented TurfWatchTM Control Technology monitors, evaluates, and, controls real-time turf conditions
  • In-ground sensors relay temperature in multiple areas of the field (4 – 6 zones)
  • Automatic response to changing field conditions
  • Complete operational capability from a smartphone, computer, or mobile device
  • Immediate response to prevent turf damaging conditions
  • Real-time support and diagnostics 

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