TurfBreeze™ Golf

The best greens are healthiest and happiest when the air around them is moving. That’s why there’s TurfBreeze™ Golf.

You spend so much time, energy and money on your greens. Can you really afford not to take advantage of our TurfBreeze Golf affordable and innovative fans?

TurfBreeze™ Golf

#1. Your greens hate excessive heat way more than your golfers do.

Sun and heat consistently pound your greens. And they can’t take advantage of your beautiful air-conditioned clubhouse before and after a long, enjoyable round or a cold brew at the turn.

TurfBreeze™ Golf

#2. When a green’s subsoil temperature reaches high levels,

the quality of the putting surface diminishes while player frustration increases. Why? Because excessive heat actually shrinks the roots of the grass. That’s a major concern for you and the folks yielding their putters.

TurfBreeze™ Golf

#3. Easy-to-position and even easier to operate

The use of industry-leading TurfBreeze™ Golf fans has proven to lower the surface temperature of grass up to 10 degrees. In turn, that lowers the soil temperature significantly. That is a remarkable difference you simply can’t afford to ignore.

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