At SubAir Football, predictable footing, improved traction and player safety is as important to us as it is to you and your football team.

There has never been a greater focus on both player safety and optimum athletic performance than there is today. When all conditions combine for the ideal environment, greater athletic achievements have a stronger likelihood of taking place.

Yet, the very surface upon which our football players are expected to excel is too often overlooked. Safety and aesthetics are more than enough reason to start paying attention to better ways to improve surface conditions. Subair Football can help.

The more we research synthetic or hybrid surfaces, the more confused we become. The components that make up these alternative surfaces are innovative, yet complex. In addition to their different aesthetic attributes, how players interact with these surfaces should also be taken into consideration.

Few could argue that natural grass, even with its challenge, remains the ideal surface, especially in a sport where players are colliding with the turf at full speed. SubAir allows more football to occur on natural grass.

At SubAir, we believe in helping Mother Nature provide you, your players, and your venue with optimum natural turf. We aren’t trying to recreate the wheel involving the best playing surface that already exists. However, we are trying to improve the conditions under which it exists.

Subair wants the turf you play on to withstand the extra impact better and recover quicker. When we say that our team of turf scientists has perfected the art of growing and maintaining a more densely rooted turf, we couldn’t be more serious. SubAir Football Teams are the best football teams!

Our name, SubAir, says it all…what happens beneath the surface is critical to how well the actual surface plays.

Why? Because root health, optimum traction and the ability to drain effectively and expeditiously start well below your players’ footwear.

Isn’t it time your field catches up to your equipment?

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Dan Shemesh, Director of Grounds – Red Bull Arena

“My expectations were met from the fans. We have been able to move around more air than we did in the past and the overall turf quality shows…”   Read More

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