Introducing TurfWatch Technology

New for 2018 SubAir Systems – Golf Technology and Control Options

Course superintendents and turf managers around the world have spoken…and we’ve listened carefully.

Our patented SubAir Systems now offer a suite of comprehensive, affordable, simple to employ monitoring solutions.

Our newest operational and communication controls are both proactive and reactive. Each option advances both your access and ability to monitor, review and respond to changing subsurface conditions.


Our new, proprietary, state-of- the-art TurfWatch™ Technology simplifies operations, enabling you to easily monitor schedule and respond immediately to changing course conditions. TurfWatch All Access employs dedicated wireless communication to enable the course staff to be able to review and activate system operations at every hole via a smartphone or computer. Control every SubAir System unit in real time. You can even have remote insight into the subsurface soil conditions and automate each to respond to stressful subsurface conditions.


SubAir TurfWatch™

  • Manual Controls
  • HMI Display Console
  • System Operations Monitoring
  • Programmable Scheduling
  • Operations Messages/Alerts
  • Technical Support


SubAir TurfWatch™ All Access

  • Smartphone and Computer Access to All Operations and Conditions
  • The Ability to Review and Control Every Unit Via Smartphone or Computer
  • Office Display Console to Monitor Full Course Conditions and Operations
  • Advanced Web-based Technical Support


SubAir TurfWatch™ All Access PLUS+

  • Communicate With In-Ground Soil Sensors That Relay Data Regarding Subsurface Moisture, Salinity and Temperature Levels
  • System Activation Based on Sensor Data
  • Cloud Storage of Real-time Data and History

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