SubAir Systems

The best greens are because of the sophisticated SubAir Systems that enable them to thrive regardless of the natural challenges they face.

Astute turf management professionals recognize SubAir Systems as THE leading designer, developer and manufacturer of subsurface aeration and moisture management systems that moderate and control subsoil environmental conditions.

As a leading turf management solution benefiting all types of grasses in most climates, SubAir Systems support the overall health of the turf, virtually eliminating diseases while maintaining the continuous, consistent growth of deep rooted, resilient, healthy green grass.

Connected to the existing USGA-code drainage system installed under a green, a SubAir Vault is placed adjacent to a green with no impact to architectural design features and minimal impact to the playing surface. Working with natural elevation, air discharges to the vault or through the turf surface and gravity drains water down to the outfall. In operation, the SubAir System’s patented dual valves are able to close the drainage system to create pressure or vacuum conditions.

When TurfWatch technology is employed, remote operation of each SubAir System can be controlled from an operation center. Placing sensors in the subsoil adds the ability to monitor and transmit salinity, temperature and moisture levels. This data is relayed to the SubAir System control center where conditions of each green are recorded and monitored. If subsoil conditions vary from set parameters, the SubAir System will respond with the appropriate operation to restore proper subsoil conditions.

Operating in the Pressure Mode forces fresh air through the drainage pipes in to, and up through, the gravel layer and subsoil and out to the surface. Daily aeration operation stabilizes beneficial oxygen and moisture levels and can moderate extreme subsurface temperatures. Aeration cycles are adjusted to each green’s specific subsurface environmental levels.

As the gravel layer fills with fresh air, pressure pushes air up through the subsoil. That, in turn, forces waste gases out, dries perched water pockets and delivers fresh air around the root system. The result: Soil health improves and optimal growth conditions are established.

Greater temperature control of the root zone results from aeration. Grass regresses and becomes dormant with cooler temperatures. A SubAir System can extend the growing season substantially by moderating temperature in the subsoil. Cool (or even overly hot) surface temperatures destined to reach the root zones can be improved 6-8 degrees by aerating through the System’s pipes and the subsoil layers. In Pressure Mode, the air will absorb the ambient temperature of the subsoil and this warmer (or cooler) air will flow through the subsoil to improve the root zone temperatures.

Though not the original inspiration for the SubAir System, an unexpected and invaluable benefit of the Vacuum Mode quickly became apparent. When the motors were tested in reverse, the System exhibited its unique ability to remove excess moisture being held in the subsoil. As air is pulled down through the subsoil, both waste gases and stagnated moisture held in the subsoil quickly move through the drainage network and are discharged.

As a result, a SubAir System provides an immediate response to excessive rainfall. Water is removed 36x faster from the surface and subsoil to allow faster return to play. Plus, damage to turf is minimized on a drier playing surface.

The Vacuum Mode, when used as daily turf maintenance practice, also delivers fresh air to the root zones and balances oxygen and moisture levels in the growing zones to achieve sustained plant growth.

A SubAir System provides turf professionals with the ability to consistently deliver fresh air to the roots and subsoil, eliminate oxygen- poor conditions, stimulate plant growth and increase root growth to support healthy, constantly growing turf. The result: A premium playing surface that can bounce back quickly from excessive precipitation.

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