We know you know better than us that your field can never go on a losing streak. SubAir baseball can help.

That’s why the teams that do their homework choose SubAir Baseball. We understand how an uneven and less than optimum playing surface can affect the game. It can alter the mental focus of the players as well as their physical performance, even if it is just in subtle ways. We put our focus on supreme surface maintenance so you can focus on the other aspects of the game.

All roads lead back to a natural grass surface. Players prefer it. Fans expect it. Your team doctors are all for it. It is such a major part of the overall experience of a fantastic baseball game. The smell and environmental aesthetics of natural grass all play into how players and fans perceive the unique experience. We help you keep a natural grass surface to serve the unique baseball needs of everyone involved.

SubAir Baseball uses experience and specialized techniques to develop and maintain excellent playing surfaces. We know that natural grass can bring a unique set of challenges at times. That is why we have perfected our process and skillset to maintain a beautiful surface that recovers quickly as well. Now if only Mother Nature cooperated 24/7/365.

Our name, SubAir, says it all…what happens beneath the surface is critical to how well the actual surface plays.

Why? Because root health, optimum traction and the ability to drain effectively and expeditiously start well below your players’ footwear.

Isn’t it time your field catches up to your equipment?

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Dan Shemesh, Director of Grounds – Red Bull Arena

“My expectations were met from the fans. We have been able to move around more air than we did in the past and the overall turf quality shows…”   Read More

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