What We Do

You don’t become the world’s recognized authority in surface and subsurface aeration and moisture removal systems without consistently generating awe-inspiring results.

At SubAir Systems, we are innovators and industry leaders, just as we have been for decades. We have long understood that deep-rooted resilient, healthy green grass required optimum growing conditions. That takes science, innovation and commitment… the cornerstones of our success.

As our name implies, it all starts below the surface. Subsurface aeration and moisture removal is critical to achieve the type of results that golf courses and sporting facilities demand. That is how our success story began…with SubAir Elite vaults placed below the surface.

We also recognize the need to effectively control aeration and moisture above the ground. Our line of TurfBreezeTM fans receives glowing reviews as does our unique TurfWatchTM Technology offerings.

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Innovation. Commitment. Results.