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It will be difficult not to get as pumped up about our Hydronics system as your greens will be.

In order for grass plants to thrive, they require certain environmental conditions. That fact of nature is the driving force behind our Hydronics turf temperature control system.

Greens at Heasley Nine Bridges Golf Club, S. Korea with SubAir Hydronics and SubAir in operation
Greens at Heasley Nine Bridges Golf Club, S. Korea with SubAir Hydronics and SubAir in operation

Besides the proper amount of sun and the proper air/water ratios, the optimum growing environment requires the appropriate soil temperatures. Soil that is too hot or too cold represents far from ideal growing conditions. Those conditions are all too common. That is where SubAir Hydronics Temperature Control can help.

Our Hydronics temperature control system, when used in conjunction with a SubAir Vault, will condition and maintain ideal root zone temperatures during warm and cool season operation. Eliminating hot and cold spots in the soil results in far healthier greens and playing surfaces. This will help maintain your turf in the optimial growing zone regardless of the surrounding temperature fluctuations.

Why Hydronics?  Because the condition of the root zone is critical.

The technology that drives our Hydronic systems provides a fluid approach to healthier greens.
SubAir Hydronics System Diagram

Hydronics turf temperature control technology provides heating or cooling to maintain ideal root zone temperatures by pumping warm or cool fluid into the soil beneath your green or playing surface.  That fluid travels from a holding tank to the green or playing surface via a supply pipe. The SubAir technology allows a much deeper control of your turf temperatures overall.

That fluid circulates through a network of flexible tubing under the root zone.  The working fluid is then returned to the holding tank in order to ensure ongoing efficacy. With a focus on efficiency and increased turf protection, the SubAir Hydronics system allows for optimal temperature variances based on the changing enviornments and seasonality.

The Hydronics system, when paired with a SubAir Vault, creates an airflow through the root zone that evenly distributes the heating or cooling effects of the Hydronic tubing. This even treatment of the playing surface eliminates hot and cold spots in the soil, resulting in optimal growing conditions. Consistency over time offers much better protection for the soil and the roots.

The Hydronics system consists of several important pieces of equipment. They include a boiler, chiller, chiller pump, green pump, holding tank, temperature and pressure instrumentation and control enclosure.

Each system is skid-mounted with a tank, controls and pump on one skid and the chiller and chiller pump on the other. The skid-mounted Hydronics assembly is housed away from the green in an aesthetically pleasing building. The location of the Hydronics temperature control system allows the ability to maintain both the asthetic of the surroundings and the efficency of the technology.

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