Turfbreeze Sport

It’s impossible not to become a fan immediately upon seeing our
TurfBreeze Sport in operation.

Utilizing the fans improves turf and field conditions in a significant number of ways.

  • Surface aeration by a turf fan reduces heat stress on natural turf.
  • Fan use increases grass transpiration, cooling the plant internally and keeping it healthier overall.
  • Turf health improves with fan aeration on shaded turf areas in a stadium. (And yes, many stadium designs unintentionally limit air circulation and shade turf.)

Fan placement that generates preferred oscillation patterns creates all-important air movement.

That much needed impact reduces humidity and decreases temperature at field levels on both natural and synthetic turf.  TurfBreeze Sport use can lower the surface temperature of grass up to 10 degrees which, in turn, lowers the soil temperature approximately 4 to 6 degrees.

Turfbreeze Sport fans are designed and constructed with efficiency in mind.

The standard features of the fans include ground poles, fan poles, oscillating assemblies and power control packages. They are maintenance-free and pre-wired and pre-assembled for easier installation.

Utilizing Turfbreeze Sports portable fans allow multiple fields to be easily maintained.

That is especially critical to many sports facilities managers and groundskeepers.

Magic is in the air, so are magical results…

with TurfBreeze Sport.

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