SubAir Sports Gets Stadium Ready For Upcoming Football Seasons, Super Bowl LIV

Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium installs ultimate turf technology for NFL and college games


Graniteville, SC (Aug. 2, 2019) – As NFL and collegiate teams grind through training camp, Hard Rock Stadium—home field to the Miami Dolphins and University of Miami Hurricanes—also is getting “in shape” for the upcoming season. With the field renovation work underway, a SubAir Sport System is being installed and will be operational this season.

Newly installed drainage pipes, water separator, and pumps will connect with the SubAir Sport System and TurfWatchTM controls to create and monitor the best growing environment when new turf is placed in August. This system will have SubAir’s latest technologies available, including wireless in-ground sensors relaying subsoil conditions through a secure dedicated communications network.

Viewing field conditions and operating the SubAir Sport’s equipment is accessible to Tom Wilson, Head Groundskeeper, for the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium, anytime and anywhere via smartphone or computer. Additionally, field data and equipment operations history are now relayed to cloud storage. SubAir’s agronomists and equipment specialists can also remotely access the system to support operations.

The multi-event schedule at Hard Rock Stadium—from the Rolling Stones to Super Bowl LIV (February 2, 2020), make SubAir Sport aeration a valuable part of the turf management practices needed to meet this busy schedule. The semi-tropical weather in South Florida will also be moderated with exceptional moisture removal (60 minutes of natural gravity = 3 minutes running SubAir Sport).

The SubAir Sport system supports overall turf health, virtually eliminating diseases while maintaining the continuous, consistent growth of deep rooted, resilient, healthy grass in most climates.

As the leader in subsurface aeration and moisture controls, SubAir continues improvements in design, technology and turf management utilizing SubAir’s aeration and moisture control include new drainage piping layouts to maximize airflow and heat delivery, in-ground sensors that constantly relay sub-soil conditions and engage the systems to respond to adverse changes in temperature, oxygen, or moisture levels. Improved motors and equipment readily adjust air delivery to changing field conditions and field age, and a dedicated communications interface securely connects the turf superintendent to field conditions, equipment status and operations.

Key attributes of the SubAir Sport System are:

  • Aerates entire field concurrently
  • Controls moisture removal from turf
  • Moderates temperature extremes to maintain strong root system
  • 50 percent faster turf recovery time
  • Reduces permanent damage from events limiting the need to re-sod
  • Extends the growing seasonFor additional information on SubAir Systems, access the web site at


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