What Are Turfbreeze Fans and What Do They Do?- Graniteville, SC 

Turfbreeze fans promote a healthier turf environment through improved air circulation and the alleviation of heat stress. They were developed to blow air on the surface of golf course greens to improve the health and overall look of the green.

TurfBreeze Fan

Turfbreeze Fans

Standard Turfbreeze features include ground poles, fan poles, oscillating assemblies, and power control packages. TurfBreeze fans are pre-wired and pre-assembled for easier installation. In addition, the fan motor, oscillating motor, and control packages are pre-wired with inter-connecting water proof plugs for simple plug-in installation. The power control package includes a lockable power disconnect, an electronic starter contact for remote use through an irrigation signal, an overload protection circuit, and a manual start/stop switch. The synchronized drive system eliminates the need for periodic belt tensioning and sealed pillow block bearings require no re-lubrication.

What They Do

Turfbreeze fans lower the temperature of a green. This is necessary because solar heat can have a devastating effect on turfgrass. When a green’s subsoil temperature reaches high levels, turfgrass roots begin to shrink, diminishing the quality of the putting surface. Fan use can lower the surface temperature of a green up to 10° Fahrenheit, which in turn, lowers the soil temperature approximately 4° to 6° F. Turfbreeze fans also increase turfgrass transpiration. This means that they cool the plant internally and keep it healthier overall. As an added benefit, TurfBreeze fans can be used to evaporate excess moisture from heavy morning dew. Additionally, turfbreeze fans can improve the quality of shaded greens. 

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