Interview with Leonard Brooks | Chairman of the Board SubAir Systems, LLC

Leonard Brooks

Leonard Brooks spent the majority of his career as an Investment Banker focused on Corporate Finance and Private Equity. He is now an active Board Member, serving as Chairman of SubAir Systems, Vice Chairman of a real estate company, a Board Member of an Internet-of-Things company and an Advisory Director of an insulation company that uses advanced sensors and technology. He is an active participant in local and regional amateur golf events, having played college golf at William & Mary. Brooks was an active participant on the junior golf tournament schedule in the metropolitan NY area, where he grew up, before heading to Williamsburg for college. Following graduation, he played golf on a more casual basis as he no longer had the time to practice and prepare for tournaments as his “Wall Street” work schedule and family became top priorities. After retiring early from Wall Street his love of golf became re-kindled.

“It was sort of a natural when I heard that a significant interest in SubAir was available for purchase that I was interested.” That was five years ago. Since then we have seen the golf business, which had been struggling for five years, begin to improve. Every day, I become more and more excited thinking that our business, whether it be a SubAir System or Turf Breeze fan, is helping golf course superintendents maximize the performance and conditions of their courses.

You wake up in the morning — what’s the driving passion?

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