Scout Features SubAir Systems

Scout features SubAir systems in their article summarizing┬áthis year’s Ryder Cup expectations. In the article, Scout┬ámentions Gleneagles having “added the American Sub-Air drainage system for the familiar Scottish rains to make the fairways firm and fast and a special draining system for the bunkers first developed at Augusta National Golf Club”.

Gleneagles has installed one SubAir System at each green, which includes wireless sensors that report soil moisture, soil salinity, and soil temperature. The wireless sensors send that data back to the SubAir control panel and it identifies if the soil is within the optimum range for all major soil factors. If the soil is not within the optimum range, the completely automated SubAir System will make adjustments to change the soil temperature and moisture.

To learn more about SubAir’s involvement in this year’s Ryder Cup, read the full Scout article here.