SubAir Systems and Citi Field Prepare for 2015 World Series

What is really going on below the grass…

Below the expanse of green turf in Citi Field, home of
the New York Mets, SubAir Systems ( is a key component of the Field Operations team preparation for Game 3 of the 2015 World Series. For this South Carolina based company, Citi Field is their next premiere showcase of sports fields with the subsurface aeration and moisture control systems.



The SubAir Sports System supports Bill Deacon, Director – Landscaping and Field Operations NY Mets, and his team as they consistently prepared a competitive turf for the New York Mets through 81 home games in the regular season. Now the biggest games of the season begin on Friday, October 30th. “We am very excited to have one of our sports fields showcased in the World Series,” stated Jay Penney, President of SubAir Systems. “SubAir has an international reputation of performance and technology that provides turf managers a key turf management tool. With a SubAir System, field or turf managers are able to sup- port healthy subsurface soil conditions by supplying fresh air to roots and managing moisture and salinity levels to create the highest level of soil conditions for all types of grass growth.” Field Operations rely on SubAir to be a part of the daily field maintenance and game preparation. Bill and his team keep the field in great condition and I am sure they are ready for the Series.”



Installed in November 2008, the Sport System’s custom design for a baseball field aerates or vacuums the entire field from below the surface. Providing fresh air to maintain a healthy subsoil environment or removing excessive moisture, the SubAir System is able to maintain optimum growing conditions for healthy turf. “With our exclusive AirWaveTM Monitoring System, we can support all of our SubAir instal- lations with oversight and troubleshooting. Citi Field operates the system four hours daily – two in the morning and again for two hours in the evening. Citi Field also has supplemental heat to moderate early spring and late fall cooler temperatures. The warmer air in the subsurface extends the grass growth be- yond the typical growing season,” stated Penney.



With potential rain in the forecast for Thursday and Friday in New York, SubAir also supports the grass growing conditions should ground covers be required. SubAir’s pressure and vacuum operations will de- liver fresh air to the subsoil and control moisture removal of any excess water.



SubAir Systems are also installed at TD Ameritrade Park (NCAA World Series), AT&T Park (San Francisco Gi- ants), Sports Authority Field at Mile High (Denver Broncos), Sporting KC Park (Kansas City Wizards), three 2014 World Cup Stadiums –Brazil and at internationally recognized venues around the world.