SubAir Systems – Subsurface Aeration and Moisture Management Systems

SubAir Systems is the leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of subsurface aeration and moisture management systems that moderate and control subsoil environmental conditions. Benefiting all types of grasses in most climates, SubAir Systems provides a turf management resource to support the overall health of the turf, virtually eliminating diseases while maintaining the continuous, consistent growth of deep rooted, resilient, healthy green grass.

The original SubAir System was invented in 1994 by Marsh Benson, retired Senior Director of Golf Course and Grounds at Augusta National, to improve gas/oxygen levels below the putting surface. Benson continued to refine the SubAir System features that control soil gas/oxygen exchange, moderate soil temperature extremes and control moisture levels to optimize growing conditions.

With installations in golf courses and sports fields around the world , SubAir Systems’ operations provide turf managers an exceptional ability to manage playing surface conditions by keeping the subsoil in optimum growing condition producing a healthy resilient turf. SubAir Systems custom designs, engineers and manufactures every sport system to meet the specifications of field size, facility and environment. SubAir adds a greater advantage to turf managers with remote access to field conditions and operational controls through smartphone, tablet or computer through a dedicated communications network.


The SubAir System equipment is powered by motor/blower components alternating the directional flow of air to deliver fresh air into or remove water from the 18 – 20” of subsurface gravel, sand, soil and turf. The combination of engineering and agronomy sciences united to create the system to control the removal of waste gases from grass growth cycles, improve accessible oxygen to the root system supporting growth and removal of excess moisture from rainfall or suspended water within the turf layers. Additionally, using geothermal properties or adding subsurface heating from hydronics or forced heated air, SubAir System is able to distribute heat in the subsoil layers to extend the growing cycle of grass in to early winter or initiate growth in early spring.

In Vacuum Mode, a SubAir System pulls air from above the grass surface down through the subsurface into the drainage piping network located approximately 18” underground. The vacuum action pulls excessive moisture held within the subsurface and expels it through the drainage system. Further, the Vacuum Mode removes excessive rainfall from the grass surface approximately 36x faster than natural gravity drainage.