Wentworth Head Greenkeeper Q&A

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Wentworth’s famous West Course has undergone extensive changes in recent years, with the latest redesign taking place ahead of last year’s tournament.

We sat down with the club’s Director of Golf Courses and Grounds Kenny Mackay for a fascinating chat on how the course is looking a year on and what it takes to get it ready for the BMW PGA Championship.

How is the golf course looking a year on from the changes?

Really good. The course has matured up really well, I feel we’re probably in better shape than last year. Work is never ending on the golf course, we’re always moving on to something else but we’re really happy.

Was the West Course too difficult before the changes last year?

It was difficult, it was known it was difficult. Players found the bunkers a little bit difficult and the greens were changing from colonial bent grass to poa annua so it was a mixed match of grass. A lot of the players in this particular event and our members were not particularly happy with where it was going.

You’ve received lots of positive feedback, how does that make you feel?

Very happy, our members are extremely happy as well. The membership has been nothing but happy since we re-opened last year. It has all been very positive.

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