Sub-Surface or Surface Aeration?- Graniteville, SC 

If your turf is unhealthy and it’s affecting the look and function of your green, you may need a sub-surface or surface aeration system. Both of these systems will improve the look of your turf and enhance the playing experience. Compare surface aeration to sub-surface aeration to see which one is best fit for your turf.Surface-Aeration

Surface Aeration

TurfBreeze fans are used to improve surface conditions by circulating stagnant air. The system comes with pre-wired fan motors, oscillating motors, and control packages come pre-assembled for easy plug-in installation. Turfbreeze fans can promote a healthier turf environment through improved air circulation and the alleviation of heat stress. Solar heat can have a devastating effect on turfgrass. When a green’s subsoil temperature reaches high levels, turfgrass roots begin to shrink, diminishing the quality of the putting surface. Fans can increase turfgrass transpiration, cooling the plant internally and keeping it healthier overall. As an added benefit, TurfBreeze fans can be used to evaporate excess moisture from heavy morning dew. 

Sub-Surface Aeration

SubAir sub-surface aeration systems are used primarily for good gas exchange in the soil and to create optimum air/water ratios in the soil profile. The aeration, moisture control and temperature moderation capabilities of the SubAir System are able to produce a more consistent and smooth playing surface, extend the growing season by moderating seasonal temperature extremes in the root zone, drain excessive moisture 36x faster than natural gravity drainage, and increase turf recovery 50% faster from high volume of play. 

Which One is Best?

For turfs that are heavily damaged and need constant attention or moisture control due to weather or climate, a sub-surface aeration system would be best. However, if your turf suffers from the negative effects of solar heat or heavy morning dew, a surface aeration system would work better. It’s important to consider what kinds of problems your turf has before you choose either sub-surface aeration or surface aeration. 

SubAir Systems in Graniteville, SC

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