Engineering Services

Our innovative engineering team defines the expertise of SubAir Systems and separates us from any comparable subsurface aeration equipment.

During every design and production of a SubAir System, we consider and create an installation solution that meets our demanding performance standards in order to support and maintain optimum growing conditions that produce deep-rooted, resilient, healthy turf. Due to our superior performance, the turf professional has the ability to control the subsurface environment to produce a premium playing surface. Our project and manufacturing teams listen to the challenges and expectations from facility management, architects, designers and turf managers. Our engineering teams are experienced in:

  • Design and installation in existing facilities
  • Coordination with new construction or renovation construction teams
  • Bringing creative/considered solutions to space allocation, existing field drainage systems, power access, ventilation sources, and water drainage
  • Optimizing communication systems and digital technologies to provide monitoring of real-time field conditions and remote access to control operations
  • Continuously supporting all SubAir System installations with technology upgrades

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